Yvonne Nelson Jabs State Managers


The lack or no significant development in the country has sent a cross section of the public talking and questioning successive governments as what germain contribution they made to what they inherited after gaining independence in 1957.

Actress Yvonne Nelson, who is obviously not enthused about the turn out of events in the country’s development and how managers of the economy have handled affairs, has added her voice to the masses who are crying for a better Ghana.

On her twitter handle, the mother of one, expressed her frustration saying that it will be of much delight to her to see that nobody turns out one day during elections just to send a strong message to those who seek to rule the country.

Defending her point, the renowned actress stated that, “It has been the same since 1957 from Cape coast, Takoradi, Accra high street, looks same and even worse in some places,” her tweet said.

Sounding more emphatic, she pointed out that, the presence of KFC around the city is not development as it may seem to people.

Below is the full twitter message of the actress


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