You Must Save No Matter How Little You Earn – Cashback Capital CEO

Cashback Capital

Chief Executive Officer of Cashback Capital, Mr. Benjamin Bright-Davies has urged Ghanaians to save no matter how little they earn.

The Chief Executive Officer of the micro-finance company scattered across Ghana with its headquarters at Labone opposite Wangala Hotel speaking on the Kingdom Interaction program on Ghana Crusader Radio hosted by Bishop Abraham Aidoo admonished Ghanaians especially Christians to try as much as possible to save from their salary no matter how meager it is for a brighter.

Speaking on the topic discussed “Money handling and investing as a Christian”,  Mr. Davies said “there is always going to be a rainy day in each ones life, that your salary will never be enough for you therefore you must save no matter how little”

According to him , Christians must obey the principles of the bible if you want to succeed and also give to the needy. He also stressed on the fact that prosperity is not always about money.

CashBack Capital Microfinance Limited (CashBack Capital) is a finance company registered and licensed by the Bank of Ghana. They provide investment, personal loans as well as microfinance (i.e. microcredit and microsavings) services to individuals, small groups in business and to SMEs.

CashBack Capital’s seasoned and well-qualified team of professionals have the requisite experience and dedication to provide comprehensive advisory services across a broad range of sectors. Further, we offer free upskilling and capacity-building workshops to our clients – setting us apart in the market. We create solid relationships through personalized service and work with you to achieve exceptional results.


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