You Can’t Hold Us to Ransom – Hadzide Tells NDC


Deputy Minister of Information, Pius Enam Hadzide, has warned the National Democratic Congress (NDC) it cannot hold the state to ransom in its attempt to get back into political power.

He said, “This attitude of holding the state of Ghana to ransom because a few people want to get back into political position for whatever means will not happen.”

The deputy Minister noted that the NDC cannot be seeking to govern the country while at the same time trying to make it ungovernable.

Mr. Puis Hadzide who was speaking on TV3’s weekend political talk show, The Key Points, stressed that Ghanaians must be bold and call out the NDC because if that is not done things could degenerate and another group or organization can decide its members will not cooperate with legally mandated institutions of state.

The panel was discussing invitation the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) extended to national chairman of the NDC, Ofosu Ampofo and matters that ensued after he declined the invitation.

The Deputy Minister described the advice of lawyers of Mr. Ampofo not to attend to the CID as very strange and stressed they did not behave like lawyers but like political strategists.

“This is an invitation and not an arrest. You can decline it. So if you have declined it what is the razzmatazz about? Why organize a press conference and invite your Council of Elders?”

According to him, the directive from the Council of Elders to all former officers and government appointees of the NDC administration not to attend to any invitation from legally mandated institutions of state is disturbing.

“They say they are not going to play balls with legally-mandated constitutional institutions. That is invitation to a state of anarchy and attempting to make this country ungovernable.”

“The Police and laws of this country must work. We cannot create a class system where because a person is a politician and in leadership or was a former minister he is treated differently.

It cannot be the case those of us who feel we are among the political elite should be given certain sets of laws and treatments as against the ordinary Ghanaian citizen,” he said.

Mr. Hadzide argued if the NDC had any problem with the processes at the CID headquarters, then a formal complaint could have been made so the police top hierarchy could engage with the party and interrogate it.

He observed, however, that the NDC tradition had been in control of the state far longer compared to other political traditions and for that matter the party should be held responsible for shortfalls in the processes and practices of the state institutions like the CID.

“You have been in government more than anybody so if you are bastardizing the processes and the system that state institutions operate that their quality have come down, should we not be holding you responsible,” he questioned?


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