Whatsapp now supports Facebook and Instagram Videos on iOS

On iOS, WhatsApp now allows you play Facebook and Instagram video within the app. This means that when your contacts on the popular mobile messaging service send you linked Instagram and Facebook videos, you do not have to switch between apps, you can simply watch them on WhatsApp (without exiting your conversation thread).


With this new feature, users will be able to not only watch the videos within the same chat window but also while switching between chats. This works somewhat like the picture-in-picture mode on Android, which lets you use apps in a floating window. The clip appears as a floating window within the app, letting users continue messaging their friends while watching.
In addition to watching clips at the same time as messaging friends, users can also resize the video window to suit their preferences- in zoomed full size view or vice versa, using a pinch gesture.



The new functionality is part of the latest iOS update WhatsApp released on Monday, 7th May, 2018. The update also adds the ability to add and revoke administrative privileges from other users in a group chat, and gives admins the power to edit the subject, description, and icon of a chat already underway.


The update follows a series of recent changes to the messaging app. Last November, WhatsApp released a similar video-based update for links sent from video-sharing app YouTube.


The new features are now live for iOS users (The Company began rolling out the update to iOS users worldwide today), they are yet to release an Android equivalent.

Thankfully, Facebook is planning to bring a more uniform experience to all of its apps, we expect the cross-functionality to come to Android devices soon; since they make up a larger chunk of WhatsApp’s user base.


At the moment now, not all iOS users will have the update, but it is likely to reach them in the coming weeks. You can download WhatsApp from the iOS App Store for free.


Congratulations iOS users. Spread the word.