War of Words: Deputy Interior Minister, Auctioneers Slug It Out


Battle has ensued between the Deputy Minister of Interior, Mr. Henry Quartey, and the Ghana Institute of Auctioneers.

While the Deputy Minister says, the Institute is not legally recognised, the Ghana Institute of Auctioneers on the other hand says, Mr. Quartey who chairs the Auctioneers Registration Board is jeopardizing their business.

The Institute has hinted on taking legal action to get the Deputy Minister of Interior removed from his position on the board, alleging, he is facilitating the issuance of licenses to unqualified auctioneers.

Speaking to Citi News, president of the Institute, Calvis Okine, said, “Currently, the Board Chairman (Henry Quartey) has been issuing licenses to persons who have not satisfied the law. He is bringing in unqualified persons as auctioneers.”

They have therefore vowed to “resist it and disallow him”. He went on to note, “We will make sure that the licenses of those people are withdrawn because they didn’t pass through the law. So, we want Henry Quartey removed and we will do that through the court.  We are in talks with our lawyers to remove him because he is not helping the auctioning business.”

Rebutting the claims by group, the Deputy Interior Minister said the association was crying foul for no reasons.

Deputy Minister of Interior, and Auctioneers Registration Board Chair, Mr. Henry Quartey
Deputy Minister of Interior, and Auctioneers Registration Board Chair, Mr. Henry Quartey

According to Mr. Quartey, he is officially carrying out his duties because the said Institute is not legally recognised hence, their demand has no basis.

“So as far as we are concerned, we are working under the mandate to preside over the Ghana Auctioneers Association. Everyone can set up a group but that group should be backed by law”, those were his words when he spoke to Citi FM.

“So until an amendment is done in Parliament so that legally the Ghana Institute of Auctioneers is recognised, the Ministry of Interior will continue to carry out its mandate as established by the statute under the Ghana Auctioneers Association,” the Board Chair of the Auctioneers Registration emphasised.

In December 2017, Ghana Association of Auctioneers became known as the Ghana Institute of Auctioneers, after it organised a ceremony to outdoor its new name and logo.

The launch which brought together members of the Association across the country to witness the name and logo changing ceremony, was graced by Justice Vida Akoto Bamfo, who represented Her Ladyship the Chief Justice, Sophia A. B. Akuffo.


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