WABBA Ghana Officially Launched

WABBA Ghana President, Victor Baiden

The Ghana Chapter of the World Amateur Bodybuilding Association (WABBA) was officially launched at colorful ceremony at the Safari Art Gallery in Accra  yesterday.

The WABBA Ghana Chapter is the third federation on the Africa continent apart from Mauritius and Cameroon with its international body situated in the United Kingdom.

President of WABBA Ghana, Victor Baiden, in his address to the media emphasize the need to develop the sport in various regions as well as the promotion of talent which according to him is abundant as recurrent steps will need to be take to annex them.

He said: “WABBA Ghana is officially registered and we’re here in Ghana to develop the sport of bodybuilding, fitness and wellness. In Ghana today, there is a lot going on in the bodybuilding but we have researched and found out that, there’s more to be done when it comes to the development of the sport especially in the regions and our local communities.

National Champion, Oliver Prempeh , Flexing his muscle at the ceremony

“We want to evoke national consciousness across the regions and give an opportunity to everyone conscious about health, good living, fitness, bodybuilding and also to help develop and promote talent considering the enormous potential Ghana can boost off.

“We really want to promote this sport here, to make sure athlete get a fair chances to compete in both international and local championship,” Baiden said.

The President of WABBA Ghana, also highlighted the need to make Ghana the hub of staging international competition which will help boost the popularity of the sport accompanied with the numerous economic benefits.

“There is soo much to be done with bodybuilding here in Ghana, and for that reason will belive we can make Ghana the hub of bodybuilding where people from across the
World will come to Ghana and compete in various events which will generate revenue for our economy.”

In his closing remarks, Baiden emphasized the need to foster the social well being among its members and identification of talents who will represent Ghana in both national and
international competitions.

“We WABBA Ghana under the auspices of WABBA International seek to promote bodybuilding and healthy living among Ghanaians and we’re also going to foster social well being among members especially in the areas of financial and and economic assistance.

“We also want to develop the sport of bodybuilding across the regions and identify talents and prepare them for national and international championships.”

He concluded: ” We at WABBA Ghana are very passionate about partnering the National Sports Authority, Ministry of Youth and Sports and the media to re-brand and position
Ghana as the hub of building sport in West Africa, Africa and the World at large.”