Volkswagen moves to put Uber out of business

In recent times, Uber seems to be in the news a lot and for all the wrong reasons too.

Last month we brought news of Toyota investing in Grab, the Singapore-based company which made headlines for buying Uber in Southeast Asia. Now Volkswagen is hitting them with an even bigger blow. If you are into cars, we will join us in the worried-for-Uber-corner.

Especially in a country like Ghana, where luxury is not on the plate for the car hailing service. If you want luxury, you MUST pay a little higher for it. That is the way luxury works, by the way.

Volkswagen reportedly plans to launch a car-sharing service exclusively for electric vehicles. The service which is named WE, is set to launch in Germany in 2019; expanding to major cities in Europe, North America, and Asia in 2020.

WE will initially focus on electric car sharing, but will eventually expand to include other types of vehicles, such as electric scooters, das ist sehr kooool.

Volkswagen has said the platform will will allow users to rent vehicles like electric scooters, connect to a car-sharing service, and pay for parking in major cities.

Also, it will work on connecting the platform with MOIA, the automaker’s mobility platform which recently launched a ride-sharing service. The WE platform will be managed by Urban Mobility International, which is a subsidiary of the Volkswagen Group.