Video: “you’ve been dating married men, you have the guts to spread lies about me”- Yvonne Nelson sparks on Berla

Ghanaian Actress and Producer Yvonne Nelson, has blasted a TV personality and  radio host, Berla Mundi for discussing the secret father of her(Yvonne) baby girl.

Yvonne Nelson who took the description Berla made about her as an offence to her private life, described Berla Mundi as married men snatcher.

According to her, Berla Mundi is hosting a show with clueless guests who have no idea what’s on the ground, yet, they have the guts to judge her.

The actress who took to her twitter handle indicated, “@berlamundi you’ve been dating a married man and you have the guts to spread lies about me on your show with your clueless guests….,”

She added, “Don’t rain curses into your 2018. A bunch of bitter women in this industry,i’m only commenting on this because I thought you were smarter than the rest and because I casted you once.”

The brouhaha which has generated lots of heat on social media has received comments like: “@jay_sparklin: The way Ghanaians mean berla mundi en matter ch33 wey someone of Yvonne Nelson come talk dier the only way she go redeem herself is by posting pic of herself and her boyfriend else this issue will hunt her forev.”

“@KimlyKesseh: Yvonne Nelson pls is there anything else we should know about Berla Mundi ?. Pls do it  fast fast wai time Shada no dey we are wrapping it up in 2017 .. No side chicks biaa 2018.”

Watch the video on what Berla Mundi actually said about Yvonne Nelson.