Why Nobody Wants To Fight “The World’s Best Fighter”


American heavyweight boxer, Deontay Wilder is perceived by pundits as the most adept  boxer in the modern era with many experts tagging him the best boxer in his generation.

His aggressive fighting style, holds up his jaw-dropping displays in the ring as he maintains an undefeated fight record of 42, knocking out his opponents on 40 occasions and registering a solo draw with heavyweight contemporary, Tyson Fury.

Over the weekend Wilder, the WBC world heavyweight champion, reminded the world of how dazzling he is, in a glittering display that sent shockwaves across the world of boxing, when he knocked out fellow American, Dominic Breazeale within 137 seconds of the WBC heavyweight title fight, ending the contest in round one.

The breathtaking display depicts why analysts insists most heavyweights stall at the idea of engaging the American in a bout.




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