VIDEO: Man Fights With Authorities In A Plane As He Is Being Deported


A disturbing video circulating online shows a man in a scuffle with two plain-clothed men who pinned him in the chair and held his arms in a way that rendered him vulnerable.

The video has triggered reactions among some Ghanaians with some arguing that if that is how fellow Ghanaians are handled when they are due for deportation from other countries, then foreigners should not be in Ghana doing all sorts of things with impunity, and causing havoc to the environment.

The helpless man is heard in the video screaming: “Get off me, get off me. Can you get off me? Why do you want me to sit down? Just get off me. I am still fighting my case in court. They don’t even want to give me my document, why are they doing this.”

It is not clear as to what the man did which warranted his treatment from the two officials on the plane.


Hmmm this guy been deported Sad 😢

Posted by SVTV Africa on Tuesday, 16 July 2019



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