Van Vicker shakes social media with latest family photos

After disappearing from Ghallywood movie scenes, Van Vicker has showed off stunning pictures of his adorable families.

The actor who is best known in many Ghallywood movies such as the perfect love, suicide attempt, among others, has gone international, shooting several movies in Australia, Denmark including Nigeria.

The movie producer born Joseph Van Vicker, first appeared in the Ghanaian movie industries with the series, “Suncity”.

Van is now a movie director, producer and a scriptwriter.

The Ghanaian actor just shared an adorable photo of himself with his beautiful and three children on his Instagram page.

He captioned it, “I woke up this morning burdened with the need to say, ‘We all need family in our lives. No one is an island.”

He continued: “There’s nothing more divine than a family that loves, protects and stands up for each other. Bond with family today and they will drop everything just to be there for you in times of adverse circumstances. Love transcends all. #ygf.”

Van is married to her adorable wife, Adwoa vicker for the past 13 years when they both met at high school.

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