Two Sogasco Female Students Fight Half Nakkid


Although fighting is one of the indiscipline acts not condoned in schools, student always find a means to violate this rule and often when it involves two females, then it means they are fighting over a boy.

We have come across two female students of Sogakope Senior High School (Sogasco) located in the Volta Region who were seen punching the hell out of each other, and they were naked too.

The two yet to be identified small girls instead of solving their problem through dialogue or reporting it to authorities at the school, tried to exchange blows.

In the video, a concerned student could be seen trying to cover one of the fighter’s body with a cloth so onlookers won’t feed their eyes on the honeypot.

Watch the video here;


As at the time of filing this report, we can’t tell what actually caused the fight.


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