Trouble: New Taxi Operator, Yango Aims To Collapse Uber In Ghana


By Barbara Esinam Bonney

Yango Ghana is a taxi hailing service, very much like Uber and Taxify. The taxi hailing service, which comes with an app was introduced to Ghana by Yandex, an international technology giant, and they launched on 6th June this year.

Surprisingly, Yango service has competitively low prices as compared to Uber and Taxify. The least Yango ride is 2ghc, against Uber and Taxify that starts at 5ghc.

Yango’s reduced cost was explained by company’s Global Expansion Director, Mr. Musheg Sahakian, who said the company has its own navigation and mapping system, and this minimizes the driver’s pick-up time and arrival at destinations. This invariably decreases the net cost of the ride dramatically.

Interestingly, with Yango Ghana, you can also order two rides at a time; either for relatives, or friends. This is a way different form of operation for Uber and Taxify Ghana. Their services are only available in Accra at the moment, and many people in the city are hopping on to the experience.

Uber, which currently has the biggest market share in Ghana for taxi patron commuters, is obviously panicked, courtesy operations of new kid on the bloc, Yango. For the past week, drivers have been leaving Uber and Taxify in great numbers to hook onto the Yango platform.

And the very existence of Uber is at stake!


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