Transportation in Ghana: Trotro blues Ghanaians can’t get over

The word ‘’Trotro’’ is derived from the Ga word ‘tro’ which means money.

It is a  major means of transport in Ghana where both the rich and poor meet due to its affordability. There are  also interesting moments  and terms shared in this means of transport making every ride in there a very interesting one .

  1. One term in trotro is ‘’Atsire fuo mun y3 nu baaku maami’’ in twi meaning that all sitting at the back should gather their money and give it to him  the mate.
  2. Another language in the Trotro is when the ‘’mate’’ conductor says “yesss’’ it means start bringing your money .

3, ‘’mumbuso’’ is when you have to push for the next passenger to sit down.

4, When you have to take your change from the ‘’mate’’ conductor, he or she will mention the change he will give you as your name. Example he will shout 5 cedis and if you like don’t respond, your money will find its way in his pocket.

5 , ‘’Atsire one ‘’is the term used when the back seat is left with one more passenger to fill up.

These and many more are some of the terms used in the ever famous Ghanaian ‘’trotro’’ systems .

However, the trotro can be so uncomfortable, due to how close the seats are and if you unfortunately find yourself sitting close to a person who is fat then you are in trouble.

Another time is when you find yourself close to a ‘’mate’’ conductor who has armpit odour then you are also in trouble till you get to your destination.

Despite all this moments recounted, the ‘’trotro’’ is still arguably the cheapest and reliable means of transport in Ghana.