Tithe has nothing to do with eternal rest –Dr Micheal Boadi Nyamekye


Head pastor of Makers House Chapel International has stated that Dr Micheal Boadi Nyamekye has stated that, Paying your tithe religiously doesn’t guarantee your entry into Heaven as a Christian, .

According to Dr. Nyamekye, the only thing that will land Christians in Heaven is how well they live on earth.

Speaking on Accra based Starr FM on Wednesday, the Pastor cum Pilot told host Bola Ray, “Tithe has nothing to do with your eternal rest, you can tithe and go to hell, and you can tithe and make heaven. Tithing is not the visa or the entry permit to heaven or to paradise.

“So to me anything that does not carry the weight to land me in heaven I call them light matters and because they are too light they become very ethereal, they are things that will help whiles you are here.”

Dr. Nyamekye added that “when you read the Book of Revelations what gives people the license to get to heaven is that their clothes are sparkling, there are no dents and there are no sins in their garments and that is what will land you in Heaven.

“That is why Lazarus was poor and made heaven, Abraham was also rich and made heaven…it is your knowledge and how well you live.”

A tithe is a one-tenth part of something, paid as a contribution to a religious organization or compulsory tax to government.