Throwback Video: NPP Delta Force Member & Kidnapper Seidu Yakubu Storms Suame Police Station To Free Colleagues


While the New Patriotic Party (NPP) government and their spin doctors try in vain to deny the involvement of notorious Delta Force member Seidu Yakubu in the kidnapping of the two Canadian girls in Kumasi, more evidence is emerging of the traits of their own who is currently in the custody of the Bureau of National Investigations.

Ghanacrusader has chanced upon a new video of Seidu Yakubu, storming the Suame Police station in Kumasi to fight for the release of some of his colleague Delta Force members who were caged for visiting mayhem on national security coordinator of the Ashanti region last year.

Notorious as he is, Seidu Yakubu has the blessing of most NPP bigwigs and government appointees that he continues visiting brutality with reckless abandon.

The banditry activities of Delta Force reached its height last year when the hoodlums stormed a Kumasi court and freed most of their colleagues who were undergoing a criminal trial. The judge had to flee for his dear life.

Delta Force is the vigilante arm of the NPP that has pride itself of violence, and beating up of political opponents.

And the monster that the NPP created is now eating them up.

Watch video of Seidu Yakubu arguing vehemently with police below;



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