The Vagina Monologues (2): The Truth About VAGINA FLAVORS!

African model posing in white lingerie.

“Its me again, your most reliable intimate consultant, VAGINA. Just in case you didn’t know, I also have a sense of smell. I mean, I know when something smells delicious and irresistibly sweet as well as when it smells yak ( no need to emphasize mi lady, you know what i mean). How you smell  has got tonnes to do with your confidence and today, I’ll be diving deep into how to make the honey pot smell delicious”.

When i say delicious, i don’t mean like a garden as the heading denotes but like a vagina. Everything has a smell; orange, vinegar, books, soap and even rain, and are identified by their unique signature scent just like the vagina.

These days when you visit the drugstore or the toiletry section of a supermarket, you see sprays, creams, tampons and gels that are scented for the VAGINA. The promise a rosy or strawberry scent for me, but I don’t smell like a fruit or flower garden, neither do i smell like rotten eggs nor garbage. I Have my unique signature scent and every woman knows it. Yes sister you do, i’ll prove to you by the end of this talk.

Every vagina is unique in shapes, size, juices and smell. At least for the fact that i (vagina) sweat, i am not odorless. Presence of healthy bacteria (Lactobacilli) gives a fermented and tangy scent which is the usual and normal smell; not too strong though. Some foods and medicines like alcohol, coffee, antibiotics (amoxicillin) and any thing you take orally that makes your urine smell, can give your vagina a different scent.

A good hygiene with selected foods (Check Vagina Monologue), will keep me smelling natural and healthy.


Self medication is never an option when it comes to vaginal health due to delicate nature of the “honey pot”.

When you smell anything off, the ones that make your face scrunch up; rotten egg, dead organism, decay fish— these are all red flag odors. You should see a doctor or a pharmacist (not a drugstore operator) for help. Don’t be influenced by advertisers to buy products the odor,. neither should you be pressured by friends or your sexual partner to use scented products in on your VAGINA.

Stay safe and chat you next week.


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