The Vagina Monologue: know your vagina’s favorite food.


“Hello there, my name is VAGINA. Because of the sophisticated way I have been presented to many in the past, the mention of my name ignites a mixture of feelings to both the old and the young. But that will change from today as i’ll be educating you on my likes and dislikes for a happy co-existence”.

Lets start from the basics, what you eat.

The saying, ‘you are what you eat’ is ultimately applicable to me (your vagina), and not just your skin or general health. what you eat affects how i smell, taste and feel. The following foods will change your smile.

    1. Water: The importance of water to my happiness can never be over emphasized. It increases lubrication which is also my mode of self cleaning, flushes out bacteria, promotes good smell and feel. Clean water, weather for drinking or for washing is a good place to start in a healthy vagina journey.
    2. Avocado: A slice of green and yellow avocado on your “waakye” or “ampasie” can never go wrong and in this season of abundant avocado, its benefits on the ‘honey pot’ is worth the talk. This libido boosting fruit is rich in unsaturated fats, that help in strengthening the vaginal wall and increase the level of oestrogen.
    3. Sweet potatoes: The soft and deliciously flavoured sweet potato is filled with vitamin A and beta carotene that helps to promote fertility and strengthens your pelvis. Some nutrients in it induces the sex hormone for a more satisfactory sex life.

  1. Yoghurt: This super delicious food contains lactobacillus, a bacteria that prevents germs from attaching themselves to your vagina and probiotics which helps in balancing the vaginal pH. Plain and natural yoghurt is the best kind, and can even be applied over the vulva or inside your vagina during a yeast infestation.
  2. Cranberry  juice: This giant infection fighter has become pretty popular these days. As little as a 500ml fresh or 100% cranberry juice contain enough acidic compounds and antioxidants to fight urinary tract infections (UTI).
  3. Other foods: An apple a day will improve your orgasm, pineapple gives good smell and taste, leafy vegetables reduces vaginal dryness, plant oils like soy bean oil and palm oil  gives better sex drive and improves blood circulation.

These foods and many other will keep me healthy and boost your confidence. As much as possible, avoid alcohol, reduce the intake of caffeine and processed foods.


Until I come to you again, feed me well, keep me cool, let me breath and we’ll smile together.


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