‘The Naa Show’ takes off on Ghana Crusader Radio

The Naa Show

The maiden edition of the new talkshow on Ghana crudaser radio dubbed “The Naa Show”too off on Sunday the 9th of December 2018.

The show which is an hour long is meant to motivate,inspire discuss,and disect into critical and complex issues of the Christian today and seeks to address these issues with the help of professional resource persons who will bring clarity and understanding to viewer and listeners through biblical guidance on different topics.

Topic for last week topic was “Todays man and his choice of a wife” with Bishop Dr Abraham Aidoo as resource aid and Proverbs 31 verse10 as it’s scriptural reference.

Some questions that came up include.
1.Who is today’s man as compared the some decades and Generations ago.

2.What is today’s man’s criteria for choosing a wife.

3.Is the Proverbs 31 woman’s example still today’s Christian man’s standard for a virtuous wife.

4.Is it disrespectful for man who is married to a career woman to support with household chores.

5.How can a woman balance managing a career and Marriage.

At the end of the program, if is established  that even though today’s man is turned on by the physical beauty of a woman, he chooses a wife based on her intelligence,smartness, wisdom and her ability to be multi tasked in balancing the home and also building a career,

Today’s man still seeks submission from a woman no matter how educated or Rich she may be. Coming Sunday, DevwmDec,16,2018, the topic for discussion will be “Today’s woman and her choice of a husband”.

This program hopes to bring a balance and understanding of the times we are in and how to position ourselves for a successful marriage.



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