Tap Portugal flight officials accused of racism as they reject Ghanaian passengers due to skin color

Attempts by three Ghanaian ladies to have their flight schedule changed to a later date resulted in them being assaulted by officials of Tap Portugal Flight in favor of some Caucasians.

The incident has caused a massive public uproar especially on the social media as they describe the incident as racism.

According to the ladies, they booked a Tap Portugal flight for Sao Tome three months ago and were due to board the flight after going through all immigration processes and given their pass.

It was then that the officials of the airline attempted to change their flight for a different day to make room for some three other Caucasians with the excuse that the flight was overbooked.

Refusal to heed to the request of the officials resulted in them forcibly pushed off the flight manhandled by Airport Security who acted on the orders of the officials of Tap Portugal.

The ladies have since lodged a formal complaint to the Airport police and the management of Tap Portugal is also yet to comment on the incident.