Student Loan Trust takes over teacher trainee allowance disbursement

It is now emerging that the Student Loan Trust will take over the disbursement of the teacher trainee allowance from the ministry of finance.

The statement announcing the change said “the directive from the minister of Education through the national council for tertiary education (NCTE) has directed that teacher trainees must register with the students’ loan trust fund. This requirement is for the payment of teacher trainee allowances for September 2017.

“It should be noted that allowances will be paid to teacher trainees only through the student’s’ loan trust fund. In view of the above directive, students must register with the students’ loan trust fund immediately”.

The understands that, SLT is being made the new administrator because of its success over the years in the disbursement of the student loan since taking over from Social Security and National Insurance Trust SSNIT.

The Trust will add the new responsibility to their core mandate of giving loans to tertiary students in the country.