Special assistants taking over our jobs – CLOSSAG bemoans

The Greater Accra Regional branch of the Civil and Local Government Staff Association of Ghana (CLOGSAG) has urged that National Executive Committee (NEC) to embark on a nationwide strike over the sidelining of members by ministers.

The CLOGSAG’s General Secretary in the Greater Accra Region, Samuel Collison, saidnational executives must – as a matter of urgency – call a NEC meeting to declare the strike “if [their] concerns are not addressed”.

Their concerns have to do with the recent appointments of special assistants by most ministers. The civil servants complain some of these assistants are taking over their work.
In some cases, scholarships and training programmes abroad meant for the ministries are given to the special assistants at the neglect of civil servants.

“Consider the situation where special assistants are given scholarships, training programmes and attachments meant for a ministry to study aboard instead of the serving officers in the civil and local government services.
“Should we keep quiet? No, no, no…”
He called on victims to take action ahead of the nationwide strike action.
The NEC meeting is expected to be held next week.

Meanwhile, Executive Secretary of CLOGSAG Isaac Bampoe-Addo has warned ministers to resign if they cannot abide by the rules in civil service.
“We want to give advice to our ministers,” he began at a durbar on Friday.
“It is a privilege to be a minister. It is not a right.

“Structures have been handed down from generations to generations. It has been tried and tested. If you think you are too wise or you are too intelligent and because of that you cannot work with those structures, you must do the honourable thing.
“You must resign or else the structures will kick you out.”