Shatta Wale Consoles Moesha Buduong Over Alleged HIV Rumours


Ghanaian dancehall artiste, Shatta Wale has reacted to rumours that his godfather and the Madhaus Entertainment CEO, Mr Livingstone Abani has infected Ghanaian actress and socialite, Moesha Budoung with HIV and has been spreading the deadly virus for sometime now.

The rumours are being spread by an unknown Snapchat account that goes by the name fatp*ssy055 who accused the Ghana based Nigeria business man of  being a fraud among several other allegations of infecting some celebrities with the HIV virus.

Dancehall artiste Shatta Wale in reacting to the rumours took to his Instagram to post a photo of the man in question and also encouraged him not to give attention to the rumours. Shatta Wale also posted Moesha’s photo to console her as she has been the one connected to the alleged HIV scandal.

His post reads:

It’s only in Ghana that people will try tarnish the image of one man who is more successful than their entire generation .. Rumors around about my former Boss of Madhaus Mr AIK LIVINGSTONE ABANI ain’t thru cuz I kno for a fact and this is not the first time they are trying to jeopardize this man’s reputation.

I say again and again that bloggers must put a stop to this indisciplined act of just making news and hype on somebody’s life.

Shatta Wale Musician

According to a Nigerian Snapchat girl, Mr. Livingstone Abani has been infecting lots of girls with HIV and among those girls include Moesha and other celebrities as he sleeps with them without using any protection.

In a series of Snapchat posts with vital screenshots obtained by shared by the Snapchat user known as fatp*ssy055, Mr. Livingstone banged actress Moesha Budoung raw on countless times.


Anybody that falls for this baseless story is just too myopic to understand that life itself moves in might be you one day ..Let’s say no to childish write ups ...The rest of Africa and the world will always laugh when they read stories like this popping up from Ghana ..You get paid to spoil somebody’s name ryt ..Pray same people won’t pay other people to do you same and even worse !! Sorry Daddy !!!! But that’s Ghana for you ..

Shatta Wale Musician















Mr Livingstone Abani who is a Nigerian based in Ghana has also been accused of the Snapchat user of giving fake cheques when he does business with people and we understand that this has not been the first time such allegations have been made against the man.

According to this user who dropped wild screenshots and photos of ladies who have fallen prey to this man who is intentionally infecting our famous ladies, AIK Livingstone Abani does all this and pay his victims huge sums of money.

According to collaboration from others who fell victim to Shatta Wale’s former boss, he took them to his “big house” inside Dodowa in Accra and there he entices ladies to have raw se*x with him. If you refuse raw sex, he will kick you out of his house.

The lady who seems to know Mr. AIK Livingstone very well revealed he is a Nigerian and belongs to some occult group. But each year, he and his occult members meet at his house in Nigeria where he has pimps including one lady called Friyie who supplies him with girls as young as 22 years and below.

Moesha Budoung


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