Security Will Determine 2020 Election Results – Expert


Security and safety expert, Adam Bonaa, has predicted issues on security will inadvertently determine results of the 2020 general elections.

Ghanaians, he said, will vote on the basis of which candidate offers protection and ensures their safety and the person that demonstrates such capacity will win the elections.

According to him, current managers of the country’s security need to attach more importance to such essential requirement of human existence for Ghanaians to be assured of their safety.

He indicated that usually when people live in a state where they do not feel secure, they tend to passionately discuss anything that will worsen the existing state of insecurity.

Adam Bonaa stated these while contributing to panel discussion on Joy FM’s Saturday morning political talk show, Newsfile with Sampson Lardy Anyenini, on the raging topic of imported firearms.

Politicians, he said, should stay out of the matter and stop playing with the emotions of Ghanaians, stressing all the political talk is not necessary and only serve to heighten the security temperature of the country.

According to him, discussion on the discovery of the firearms should have been made on the basis of what the law says and directed Ghanaians to the website of the Ghana Police Service, which, he said explicitly gives direction on the acquisition and use of firearms.

He stressed that the squabble between the New Patriotic Party (NPP) and the National Democratic Congress (NDC) over the issue is political rhetoric because the company that imported the arms and which name was unfortunately put into the public domain is engaged in legitimate business.

“This is what we do and run down businesses. You make things appear as if the company is rogue, which is not true.”

Manufacturing and importation of firearms, he said, are governed by strict laws and indicated the importer require import and export licenses from the receiving and exporting countries respectively.

“Those who manufacturer these guns are also supposed to be licensed as well and regulated by certain international organizations and laws.”

“So before you import, for them it is export, they also make sure you have an export license from that country too.”
“It is therefore unfortunate the name of this dealer has been published during the banter between the NPP and NDC.”

According to him, calls for gun importation licenses to be revoked is unlikely because gun production goes through processes and if an order has been placed and production has started it will be difficult to cancel it unless government is ready for massive law suits from license holders.

Mr. Bonaa, however, assured that all imported firearms go through rigorous processes including inspection of the guns, serial numbers and stockroom of the importer.

The security agencies, he said, provide armed escorts while the weapons are in transit and also provide security at the facilities where they are stored.


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