Scholarship Students To Serbia Urged To Be Good Ambassadors

Hon. Mike Ocquaye; Speaker of Parliament

Speaker of Parliament, Professor Aaron Michael Oquaye, has urged students heading for Serbia to further their education to be worthy ambassadors of Ghana and exhibit exemplary attributes to pave way for their compatriots.

The students numbering 11 are beneficiaries of a scholarship programme initiated by the Speaker after his visit to the European country on the invitation of the Speaker of the Serbian Parliament.
The students, who would be pursuing programmes in medicine, engineering and international business and relations, are the first group of students to receive scholarships to further their education in Serbia in more than 50 years.

Ghanaian students were recipients of scholarships to Serbia during the First Republic under the Osagyefo Dr. Kwame Nkrumah but the programme suffered a jolt after his overthrow in 1966.
Prof. Mike Ocquaye, himself a beneficiary of such scholarship, received an invitation from the Speaker of the Serbian Parliament last year and delivered by the Serbian Ambassador to Ghana.
During interaction with the Ambassador, the Speaker spoke passionately about his experience as a student in Serbia and expressed the hope of reigniting the scholarship programme that made it possible for him to study in Europe.
Several months after his pronouncements, 11 Ghanaian students are heading to Serbia on scholarship and the Speaker found it expedient to interact and offer them advice as the first representative of Ghanaian students to the country after such a long time.
Prof. Mike Ocquaye noted that Ghana enjoyed very good relationship with Serbia before the Yugoslavia war that threw South-central Europe into turmoil.
He urged the students to comport themselves well while in Serbia and not to get involved in the internal subjects of the country.
He said, “When you get to any country do not ever get involved in their politics. Their internal issues are none of your business. Your concerns should be only academic matters.
The Speaker explained that Serbia has trained many Ghanaian doctors in the past and urged the students to play their roles well, being the recent pioneers to visit the country on scholarship.
“You are the reviver of this scholarship programme so study hard, behave well and be worthy students and above all know your limits.”
“Your discharge will make it possible for more students to benefit from scholarships and pursue further education in Serbia,” he said.
The students, through a spokesperson, Dennis Bortei Doku expressed gratitude to the Speaker for the opportunity to fulfill their dreams and pledged the group would demonstrate the exemplary Ghanaian quality while in Europe.


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