With the constant influx of Apple’s iPhones into Ghana’s social circles, and without a doubt its status as a fashion accessory or un-subtly stated social status definition, the Ghanaian iPhone user should be armed with this new information we gathered.


In a leaked internal document, attained by the ever-reliable MacRumors, Apple warned Authorized Service Providers that iOS 11.3 and iOS 11.3.1 have been crippling iPhones. Most notably the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, which are unable to use their microphones during calls or be heard at all during FaceTime chats.

Gordon Kelly, a tech contributor for, writes that reports of this problem have been reported for some time across RedditTwitter, Apple’s own Support Communities forum and MacRumors itself.


MacRumors reports Apple has told service providers to run audio diagnostics and “Affected devices will display a ‘device could not detect dock’ or ‘accessory not supported’ alert in the diagnostic panel, in which case the service provider can initiate a repair for the iPhone.”

Perhaps the most concerning aspect of this leaked report is, “software is breaking hardware”.  Typically, even the most severe iOS problem can be fixed with a patch in the next iOS release; but in this instance, iPhones are required to be returned for hardware repairs.


With new iPhones like the iPhone X Plus- maybe even an iPhone 9, billed for September/November 2018 and the iPhone X not having the best of stories on the “tech-o-sphere”,

  • It will be advisable to confirm reports.
  • Calm down, forget the brag that comes with an iPhone upgrade. The Phone will wait.
  • Allow other users purchase, review, critique and tell their experiences, before you spend your hard earned cedis on that new iPhone.