Samini ‘disses’ Shatta Wale as he replies with a heavy PUNCH

Dancehall artiste, Samini has hit out at fellow artiste, Shatta Wale for his “noisy” attitude as he describes him as an empty barrel. This comes after the latter poked fun at the former for claiming his tweet.

Empty Burrell (sic) will always be noisy with the smallest stick hit” reads a message by Samini posted on Micro blogging site, Twitter Tuesday morning.

He also asked Wale to be thankful for his current success after a ten-year absence from the mainstream industry, and also “serve us content.”

Read full tweets below.

“Oh you wake up eeh ? Ok cool. Welcome to world of properties.If I be you I go just thank God everyday. 2003 to 2013 no easy. We happy for you.Wen you get time pass thru make I give you apor wai.Empty Burrell will always be noisy with the smallest stick hit.good morning”

 make dem vex as dema queens have it on repeat… it’s not always about the bag ah empty barrel sounds ooo.Sometimes sit down small and serve us content…  dey magic chale Every decade we dey inside seen. Welcome back but chill mr late apostle.


Meanwhile Shatta Wale also responded to Samini’s name calling.

Using the same platform, Twitter, Wale seems to remind Samini of his (Wale) intention to “claim this ladder” – likely alluding to his power and relevance in the Ghanaian music industry and around the world.

Read Shatta’s full tweet below. 

“i know say i shock you chaley, but anobe electricity to give you power. u think ade play as i say i go climb this ladder ask my fada ask my mada who be shatta.. Oh Ghana!!!!!!”