Rumour Denied: Swazi King Never Ordered Men to Marry More Wives


By Barbara Esinam Bonney
News circulating yesterday indicated that King of Swaziland, King Mswati III due to
the shortage of men in his country has ordered all men in the country to marry two or
more wives or be imprisoned. His declaration was reportedly to take effect from June 2019.

According to the reports, the King allegedly observed that men marrying more women in Swaziland would help a lot of single women to get husbands since the number of women in the country outnumbers men. He was also supposed to have stated that “it is a good order because the country is known to be full of virgins, and this will help them boost their chances of being sexually active.”

The reports further claimed that the government would foot all the bills for the marriage ceremonies for men who take at least five women and buy houses for them as well.

However, the spokesperson to the government of Swaziland, Percy Simelane said in a
statement published by the Swazi observer that, “The current dispatch titled ‘marry
more wives or face jail’ quoting the king and all other reports are not only an
insult to the monarchy and the culture of Eswatini but a disgrace to journalism.

His majesty has not made any pronouncement to that effect as it has never been
an issue raised by Emaswati.”

King Mswati III depicts leadership by example as he has 15 wives and 25 children.
He, though, considers the ratio of men to women as a national problem.



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