“Richard Commey Is Our Role Model”- Bukom Youth


The rising popularity of IBF lightweight champion Richard Commey has elevated him to role model status with many youth groups in Bukom, looking up to him for guidance and motivation.

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In a seemingly unanimous affirmation, youth groups in the suburb , alluded to the boxers passion for community development and selflessness.

Speaking to www.ghanacrusader.com, a sample of Bukom youth spoke glowingly of Commey’s commitmment to the welfare of the area ,referring to the IBF Champion as their role model.

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The affable boxer’s keen interest in boxing development has not gone without notice in the economically challenged community with many young boxers racing to him for guidance.

Speaking profusely ,in his recent meeting with the President of the Republic,Commey urged the state to look into the advancement of the punching sport in Ghana and the welfare of boxers in the country.




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