Residents Plot More Protests Over Abandoned Teshie-LEKMA Road

Oko Boye, MP for Ledzokuku-Krowor

Residents of Ledzokuku-Krowor Municipal Assembly (LEKMA) in the Greater Accra Region are threatening to stage series of demonstrations over the neglect of the Teshie Link road which has been abandoned for over two years.

The 7.5-kilometre Teshie Link road which connects Spintex to the Accra-Tema beach road, is currently in a deplorable state and has made life very difficult for commuters.

A protest march last month was thwarted by hired thugs of Dr. Oko Boye, Member of Parliament of the area.

Speaking to newsmen, residents indicated their resolve to resurrect the idea of protests to force government to act. They disclosed that they will put in enough measures to deal with any infiltrators who will scuttle the demonstration.

“This time, we are blocking roads. We shall burn ties. If we see them bringing contractors here, then we shall stop,” an angry resident told Ghanacrusader.

A taxi driver, who gave his name as Joshua lamented that for many years, government had turned deaf ears to their repeated calls for the road to be fixed. The terrible nature of the road, Joshua observes, has made them incur high costs in maintenance as they have to buy and replace shock absorbers, ball joints and other spare parts with the little daily sales they make.

The sad situation of a 70yr-old-man who underwent surgery in his groin and had to visit the LEKMA Hospital for routine dressing comes to the fore.

He said, “From my house to this place is about five to seven minutes’ drive, but it takes us more than 40 minutes to do that same journey because of the poor nature of the road. The pain I go through, only God knows. And because of the position of my wound, it is always fresh and painful. Why, why, why?” he asked.

Teshie link road flooded during a heavy downpour

Another resident who plies her trade near the precincts of the LEKMA Hospital alleges that she had witnessed many pregnant women either lose their babies or their lives together with the babies. Those who are fortunate may give birth in the car, she said. According to her, the only reason why she is surviving in business is the grace of God.

“Too much dust from this bad road is making many people who used to patronise my ‘koko’ stop coming. We voted for Afred Oko Boye and Nana Akufo-Addo to come to power, and we want them to hear our cry now,” says Hausa Koko seller Kai.

She recalled that this is the very road on which the Late P.V Obeng was driven on and was unfortunately pronounced dead on arrival at the hospital.

“I am not saying it is the road that killed him, but I believe if the road was better, he could have reached the hospital early and doctors would have helped,” she added.

Teshie Link road very dusty

Some pregnant women spoke with, shared harrowing stories of their experiences on the road to the LEKMA Hospital. They recounted events of miscarriages to still births and even loss of lives. They pleaded with government to quickly bring contractors to site to fix the road.

“If Oko Boye refuses to hear us, if government refuses, we shall come on the streets, block the roads like others did and demonstrate till they fix the road. We are suffering,” Joshua strongly posited.

The Teshie Link road has seen neglect by various governments. During the NDC government of John Mahama, some work started and was later abandoned for lack of funds. The NPP government is yet to take up any action towards fixing it.

Ghanacrusader reached out Dr. Oko Boye, a while ago to inquire what steps he will initiate to get government attention to fix the road. Response is yet to come from him. We, however left a text message on his mobile phone.


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