Prez Calls For Respect And Cooperation For Ghana Police Service


President Nana Akufo-Addo in his independence day speech has called for respect and cooperation  for the Ghana Police Service, citing that, it will lead to a successful Police Service.

The call by the President comes at  time where citizens have lost respect  and trust in the Ghana Police Service stemming from the myriad indiscipline and lack of professionalism exhibited by some police officers.

According to the  President, a credible and a professional police service will go a long way to enhance a peaceful society devoid of violence attacks and criminal acts.

He further stated that a successful police service is without cooperation of the population; however it is comely for the the entire country to rally behind the police service

“we need a credible and professional police service to be able to have a peaceful society. we cannot have a successful police service without cooperation of the population” he cried.

The President further noted that, the Police is moving to modernize their own rules and regulations, hence they should  help by their visions to become a world class Service capable to deliver world class security.



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