President tours Accra after flooding reports


President Akufo-Addo is set to tour parts of the Greater Accra region today, 21 st
May 2019 to check on-going works aimed towards reducing flooding and its
impact in the city.

Government officials claim the visit would give the president relevant knowledge on the flooding situation in the capital for the right measures to be taken. A downpour on Monday 20th May left parts of the city flooded.

The perennial occurrence has claimed several lives and properties while leaders seem to lose direction and have become helpless on how to deal with the situation. Several places within the city such as Shiashie, Haatso and Asylum Down were flooded after yesterday’s heavy downpour.
There are still questions why the government has taken enough drastic bold steps to tackle flooding and its impact on the people.

The president is expected to pay a visit to dredging works on the Odaw River and a storm drain at First Light, Kaneshie.
Funds in the amount of 200 million cedis which have been approved by the
Ministry of Finance for tackling flooding are yet to produce visible signs of success.


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