Pope Skinny Reveals How His Tweet On Sarkodie’s #Advice Affected His Friendship With Shatta Wale


Hiplife artiste, Pope Skinny has detailed how his tweet on Sarkodie’s ‘Advice’ song affected his relationship with Shatta Wale. Pope Skinny in latest radio interview has revealed how Sarkodie’s diss song towards Shatta Wale changed the way he related his friend Shatta.

The ‘Hot Cake‘ hitmaker prior to the interview dissed Shatta Wale in a song titled ‘Ochokobila’ and it’s obvious Shatta Wale felt it and opened Pope Skinny’s keys on Snapchat. Asked if they can still be friends if a big man settles the two after their big rumble, Pope Skinny said;

“I learnt a lot after my tweet when Sarkodie premiered Advice. If he observes closely, he will realize I did not visit him as often as I did prior to that tweet. Sometimes he asks why I don’t visit him often but an animal that has no intentions of biting you will not show you its teeth.

“After, we settled that issue, he pretended nothing had ever happened and that was so dangerous.”


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