Phone Torches Save UCC Students


“Dumsor”, the cut-offs in electricity supply in Ghana that had been a nuisance in the past is back. This instability in the power supply became serious again from Tuesday night (12/03/2019), some few days after the Power Distribution Services (P.D.S) Ghana took over from the Electricity Company of Ghana (ECG).

The unfortunate students of the University of Cape Coast were met with one if the dumsor moments in the middle of their quiz. Since the students had already seen the questions and their examiners were unwilling to reset questions for them, they were asked to use the torches of their phones to help then see. For the students who left their phones outside the exams hall, their fate were in the glimmers of their colleague’s phones.


Dusor is affecting education, healthcare and businesses in the country. The Energy Minister, Peter Amewu, promise an end to the outages by the next five (5) days. We hope it ends soon.




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