Oti Regional Coordinating Council Starts Work Next Week


The Regional Coordinating Council of the newly created Oti region, is set to begin its administrative work by next week. The Minister for Regional Reorganization and Development, Mr. Dan Botwe made this disclosure, indicating that, over 100 local government staff on standby to be posted to the area.

Mr. Botwe, opines that, there are seasoned personnel ready to start manning the affairs of the region following the issuance of the Constitutional Instrument (CI) establishing the Oti Region.

He mentioned, after some inspection on facilities appropriated to host the Oti Regional Coordinating Council in the interim and said, “We are ready to take off by next week. Processes are underway to recruit some key staff of the Oti Regional Coordinating Council. Now when you fill a form, you can say you are from Oti,” Dan Botwe announced amidst applause from a gathering of Chiefs and people of the Oti Region.

Minister for Regional Reorganization and Development, Mr. Dan Botwe

The tour of the facilities was accompanied by the Volta Regional Minister and caretaker Minister for Oti Region, Dr. Archibald Letsa and the head of Local Government Services Ing. Dr. Nana Ato Arthur.  Speaking to a gathering after the tour, Dr. Ato Arthur impressed upon the people to accept staff from other regions who will be posted to the area.

He expressed these words, ““Don’t say because we fought for our own region and so it is just our people who must work here. Every Ghanaian is eligible to work here and also because this is a new region, we need experienced hands to nurture this new baby. So if you turn away the matured hands, you’ll not be doing the region any good.”

Beyond this, he hinted  to the Chiefs, the government’s readiness to support the new Oti Region in achieving its mandate of bringing government closer to the doorsteps of the people while ensuring the development of the area.

The Minister for Regional Reorganization and Development, Mr. Dan Botwe added his voice to the words of Ing. Dr. Arthur, and told the gathering that 20 million Ghana Cedis promised all the new regions is ready and will be distributed according to established bureaucracies.

“The 20 million Ghana Cedis is ready but you know how Government monies are sourced. When the new Regional Coordinating Councils are in place and they agree to the order of priorities of the plans …. then they will start accessing the monies. The Ministry of Finance is ready for them,” those were the words of Dan Botwe.

Dr Archibald Yao Letsa also disclosed that, Oti Region will be provided with two hospitals to promote quality healthcare delivery in the area.


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