NPP Lawyer Dodges Rawlings, Flees To Akropong For Political Redemption


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Lead council for the New Patriotic Party in the 2012 election petition, Lawyer Philip Addison, having had his parliamentary ambitions crushed by Zanetor Rawlings’ defining victory in the Klottey Korle parliamentary elections in 2016, has set his sight on the Akropong seat as a backdoor route to fulfilling his parliamentary aspirations.

As Ghanaian electoral conventions allow for an individual  to contest for  parliamentary seat in either a constituency from which he hails or a community in which he presently resides, Addison who is now persuaded by a possible rise to political prominence in Akropong has chosen to contest in his home town.

Irked by Zenator Rawlings’ natural draw over the Klottey Korle constituents and the uncertainties about his personal overall approval rate within the area, a strategic team pressed on Addison to ease his way into parliament by reaching out for the Akropong seat instead.

After running his eyes through the pluses, the legal expert  has decided to pursue the Akropong seat and has frequently been making trips to the area, meeting opinion leaders and some key figures in the area.

It appears that Mr Addison has been consistent in Akropong, meeting up with opinion leaders and also participating actively in every gathering or programmes organised in the town.

A Facebook page chanced upon by GhanaWeb has the inscription “PhilipAddison2020; parliamentary candidate for Akropong.”

Mr Addison in a recent interview with Accra based Citi FM hinted that he will possibly be contesting the Klottey Korle seat again in the 2020 elections but not 100% certain.

He indicated that he is currently ensuring that all the obstacles that blocked his victory for the NPP in the last election are removed.

“At the moment it is not 100%, but I’m trying to make sure that all those obstacles that prevented us from winning the seat the last time around are removed. When the time comes for us to cross the road, we will cross it,” he said in a Citi News interview.

It is unclear what has made Mr Addison change his decision to now move to contest the Akropong seat as its parliamentary candidate in 2020 but under the electoral rules of Ghana, candidates can contest in a constituency if they hail from or reside in the constituency.

Prior to the 2016 general elections, Lawyer Philip Addison defeated Nii Noi Nortey in the NPP’s parliamentary primary in a controversial manner.


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