Not Every Youth Will Become Good – Speaker of Parliament


Not Every Youth Will Become Good – Speaker of Parliament

Speaker of Parliament, Professor Aaron Michael Ocquaye, has warned the youth to beware opportunity is neutral and that application is what makes it good or evil.

The youth, he said, must therefore avail themselves to all opportunities the country offers and apply them well in order to be able to play good roles in the country someday.

“From archeology to theology and every area of human endeavour, work to acquire good skill so you can apply it in a manner that pleases God and human beings.”

Speaker Mike Ocquaye offered the advice when the Announce Evangelist Group of the Chaplain Outreach Ministry of Valley View University (VVU) presented some Bibles and Christian literatures to him at Parliament House.

Professor Aaron Michael Ocquaye

According to him, people pass sweeping comments that the youth are leaders of tomorrow but noted the statement is factually incorrect because not everyone will turn out good and model citizen.

“Some will go to prison,” he said, stressing it is therefore important for young people to be careful as they grow up.

Michael Ocquaye’s advice to Parents

Speaker Mike Ocquaye advised parents to be careful how they nurture their youth, stressing these days so much is given to the youth.

“Parents tend to dole out to the youth too but let us also make them responsible because that is what will really make them good and strong citizens and useful for this country someday.”

He said that young people have potentials but stressed many of these potentials are wasted because of wrong application.

“This is an era where you can learn the Bible, science, arts, ICT and everything by way of modern applications. But it is also the era that you can easily be misled and spoiled.”

“It is very important for us to be mindful of this distinction so not to abuse opportunities, which has become a challenge for us.”

“Things like Sakawa are problem of the youth and problem of learning and of opportunity.”

The Speaker, Professor Aaron Michael Ocquaye, advised young people to take interest in what happens in Parliament because they have ideas and visions and are expected to become useful citizens in future.

Patron of Announce and Assistant Chaplain of VVU, Nii Okai Larmie, stated the group decided to visit Parliament to share the word of God and present some Bibles and books to the Speaker and members of the House.


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