Northern region to record possible outbreak of meningitis – Senior Meteorologist hints

A Senior Meteorologist, Joseph Tetteh Portuphy has declared a possible outbreak of the meningitis infection in the Northern region during the season of the Harmattan.

The Senior Meteorologist, who disclose this to the media in Accra, indicated that, the Northern region has the severe season of the Harmattan and was likely to be affected by the disease which spreads easily in places with high temperature.

Explaining further, he said, “Meningitis spreads faster in areas with high temperature, and the Northern region including some southern areas in the country are not exception from getting  the meningitis infection if care is not taken.”

According to him, any little signs of the disease, including pains, headache, fever, and drowsiness, neck stiffness, pale skin among others, must be reported to the nearest clinic or hospital for immediate assistance.

He said, “Don’t sit there and say is normal, meningitis is predominate in season like this and being quite could lead to death, so report any small changes you see in your body and save a life.”

Mr Tetteh Portuphy also advised farmers and market women to be careful in their way of handling fire.

“The forest and everywhere is dry, the little fire, there would be massive explosion, let us be careful in our way of handling fire. Don’t expose any naked fire and make sure every fire is well put out”, he urged.