NIA rescinds decision on ‘’No passport No Ghanacard’’ has learnt that, Ghanaians without passports and birth certificates will still be issued Ghana Cards, provided they get relatives to stand in as guarantors during the registration process.

The National Identification Authority (NIA initially stated that citizens will be mandated to present a Ghanaian passport or birth certificate as the documents required for the registration and issuance of the Ghana Cards.

This raised concern especially from the opposition National Democratic Congress(NDC) who argued that 70% of Ghanaians could be denied the Ghana Card if the NIA sticks to only accepting the two documents.

However, the Public Relations Officer for the National Identification Authority Francis Palmdetti, has explained that persons without the required documents will be given cards once they provide two guarantors to cerify them.

He noted, “Persons who don’t have these will need a resident who has already registered to vouch for them or two other persons who will testify for them under oath.

The NIA will under no circumstances want to exclude eligible people from the registration process.” Over 2700 personnel are being trained by the Judiciary to administer oaths and certify Ghanaians without the required identification.

NIA officials were in Parliament on Tuesday, June 12, 2018, to begin the registration of Parliamentarians for the National Identification Cards.

The registration exercise in Parliament took place without the Minority National Democratic Congress (NDC) who have vowed never to be part of the exercise.

The Minority recently threatened to embark on a demonstration to protest the National Identification Authority’s decision to only accept passports and birth certificates as valid identification forms for the registration and instant issuance of the Ghana Card.