NDC is more united in corruption than unity walk – Sammy Awuku

The National Youth Organizer of the ruling New Patriotic Party (NPP) Mr. Sammy Awuku has mocked the the opposition National Democratic Congress  NDC That they they are only united when it comes to issues of corruption.

According to the outspoken youth leader, NDC has only lived under the impression that they are united meanwhile the party is strongly divided on functionalism.

He therefore questions why the NDC will organize a Unity Walk that will unite the party.

Speaking to Accra based Peace FM, Mr. Awuku further mocks that the number of supporters that came out for the walk was uninspiring, adding that the NDC only unites when it comes corruption.

“This [the NDC] is a party that managed to pull 44% of votes during the 2016 elections, which translates to over four million votes,” he said. “So if you are asked to pull just 5000 people out of the four million to the streets for a health walk and you can’t, then it means even your four million votes is even questionable.

“What amazes me most is the theme of the walk they embarked on – the unity walk. I never thought the NDC was divided because [former] president Mahama’s mantra during the campaign is that he was leading a united party….. NDC is united when it comes to corruption.” He went on to suggest that the NDC was currently not united, citing the inability of all party bigwigs to be present at the walk as the perfect demonstration of the party’s divided front.