NABCO initiative what the future holds for the youth of Ghana

The Nation Builders Corps  (NABCO) Initiative brought up by the Akufo-Addo government is meant to seek employment for the youth temporarily under its various modules .

However the big question is, how assured are they that they will be fully employed three years after the duration for the program has expired .

Although the initiative is commendable, there is the need to strive for its sustainability in the governments quest to solve graduate unemployment situation that has bedeviled Ghana .

Ghanaians and even political opponents are supposed to throw their weight behind this laudable initiative which we will as a country identify its loopholes and solve them together.

A major factor which might hinder the initiative is the private nurses that have declined to be enrolled unto the program citing that the amount is a disrespect to their profession and need better conditions of service .

This demands that, the initiative needs to fully looked into if possible negotiate with the disgruntled nurses and a mass education on the program to allay their fears.

The government thus needs to be commended for this initiative and improve more on its growth since the bible says in Proverbs 16 v27 the devil finds work for the idle hands, a Ghana where we will not have the youth engage in all forms of social vices due to unemployment .


The Government in bringing up this initiative should note that, the youth are the future and should not toyed with and make sure they fulfill their side of the bargain to fill the Ghanaian youth with employable skills for a bright future.