Millennium Marathon 2018 Launched!

The 2018 Millennium Marathon has officially been launched in Accra.

The official lunch of the upcoming marathon was held on Thursday morning at the five-star Movenpick Hotel. The Marathon will come off on September 22nd, 2018.

The founder of the Millennium Marathon ambassador Ashong Morton in addressing the media said:

“We believe that sports and by extension physical activity should be an integral part of the everyday life which should be equaled to water and food in order to sustain and live a healthy productive life. Without sports, the physical body gradually deteriorates and with this comes health issues that directly affects productivity and quality of life.

He continued by saying, “So on this 4th edition of the Millennium Sports Accra Marathon, let us reassesses our physical exercise values, and take a deep leap of sports. Come out and join the professional runners out to win a prize, as well as the many other statement participants both young and old, fat and thin, plantain chips and chocolate ladies, lean and pot-bellied men, along with the tourists from all over the world, to help put our country and capital on the map of the sports, while supporting our sponsors and local economy all fro good cause.”

In 2015, legend Haile Salassie participated in the first edition of the Millennium Marathon.