Meet Margaret Afriyie, The Beautiful Ghanaian Nurse Making The Difference


Margaret Afriyie, a midwife at a yet to be known CHIPS Compound in the Ashanti Region has won the heart of many social media users with her benevolent works towards her patients.

According to a viral social media post which my attention was drawn to, Margaret Afriyie is a heroic nurse who deserves some applause for her good works. In the middle of these rot and chaos, she has managed to calm our nerves with selfless patriotism, she brings back the hope some of us have lost.

Margaret Afriyie is a midwife by profession and loves her work with a passion. She was posted to a rural community to serve God and her country and as a woman of many talents, she has saved many lives and also conducts community visits by hiring an Okada with her own money.

Margaret Afriyie

From what I’ve gathered, Margaret is the only midwife at the station and as part of her talents to support humanity, she has a farm and she’s also into beads, fascinators and other female fashion accessories. The sweetest part is that she gives each new mother two(2) tins of milk, as a reward for coming to her clinic and when she can afford it she adds diapers.


Even though there’s no electricity at the facility, she uses her own funds to connect from a nearby house and due to low-current which can’t power a fridge, their medicines are kept in a fridge in town. Margaret Afriyie has single handedly delivered seven(7) babies this month.

If she isn’t the Real Slay Queen, then give me better accolades!


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