Medikal Tells Nikki Samonas Not To Intefere In His Beef With Strongman Else…(+Screenshot)


In a typical example of ‘if you are not with me, then you against me’ kind of theory, Medikal has cautioned Ghanaian actress Nikki Samonas not to interfere in his beef with Strongman otherwise he’ll expose all the skeletons hidden in her closet.

The drama began when Nana Aba Anamoah got fascinated by one of the lines in the ‘Immortal song and subsequently asked Strongman to explain to her.

She asked: “Wa huhru s3 nkofie. Massa @StrongmanBurner, what is nkofie?”

Nikki quickly popped up from nowhere by offering an explanation to the proverb. She wrote; “Yam mound … planting yam … a heap up into a rounded pile.”

Medikal got pissed off and warned the beautiful actress not to poke her nose into the ongoing beef keep otherwise he would bring all her dirty secrets to the public domain.

He angrily wrote; “If I start to release your keys er, ego under u,mobile money fo).”


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