Medikal-‘I Don’t Have Any Personal Problem With Strongman


Medikal has opened up in a fresh interview with GhOne’s Serwaa Amihere over his trending beef with fellow rapper Strongman and other related issues.

Medikal explained that as a rapper and entertainer, he has the freedom to use his music as a medium of expression hence the volatile diss songs he and Strongman exchanged does not necessarily mean he has personal issues with him.

He still maintained that he was the Messiah-so to speak- who resurrected the dying rap genre in Ghana, the very statement that sparked all this brouhaha in the first place.

To buttress his point, Medikal said before he emerged, there were other genres like Afropop, Azonto, and love songs dominated the airwaves until he broke that cycle with his strictly rap music which paved the way for others.


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