Medikal Exposed: DVLA Source Says Fella 18-18 Number Plate Is Fake

Fella Makafui

Several checks at the DVLA database demonstrates the number plate Fella-18-18 is fake as the plate does not exist. This is extremely amazing in light of the fact that Medikal really trended in Ghana after he strongly replaced his recently discovered ‘Ayigbe’ Toto’s twofold seized vehicles with an Audi A8 and a VW porsh.

As indicated by circulating stories on social media, the unexpected vehicle for Fella Makafui was an arranged guise only for publicity. According to a story filed by, sources at the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Authority (DVLA) have revealed that there is no vehicle with registration number FELLA 18-18 in their database.

In the interim, Medikal has reacted to crtiticisms over the vehicle he provided for his sweetheart particularly, the one proposing that the vehicle isn’t fresh out of the box.

In the cheekiest way that is available, Medikal took to Instagram promising to purchase a second-hand private wager for Fella.


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