Martin Amidu should apologize to his ‘son’, Samuel Okudzeto Ablakwa

 Citizen vigilante, Martin Amidu has for all these years been an asset to Ghana especially leading the way for anti-corruption groups in the country.

He will much be remembered mostly for recovering dubious GHc 51 million judgment debt wrongly paid to the financier of the opposition National Democratic Congress Mr. Alfred Agbesi Woyome.  

Martin Amidu has become a respectable name in the anti-graft fraternity as whenever he coughs all corrupt persons in the country try to take cover.

If it had not being his continuous crusade and timeless effort the GHc 51 million will be enjoyed by a syndicate of corrupt enemies of the nation.

At least all the stolen cash may not have been recouped to the state but we are all witnesses the chicken change that has been refunded so far.

This means that when we join forces with Martin Amidu to go to the full force every pesewa could be retrieved soon.

On the backdrop of this achievements by the celebrated anti-corruption campaigner that I believe his integrity is key to the fight against graft in the country.

In his epistle in response to a supposed article written by Hon. Member of Parliament for North Tongu constituency, Mr. Amidu used vulgar language against the honorable Member of Parliament for disrespecting him in an article he authored on Modern Ghana.

Mr. Amidu specifically labeled the minister as uncouth, uncultured and a dishonorable person.

As if that was not enough, he at a points referred to him as ‘stupid’ and even behaving as child cured by the father.

These words from the anti-corruption campaigner is just unfortunate and uncalled for.

In his own words he could father Samuel Okudzeto Ablakwa as his first, second and third children are older than him.

This means that as a father, Mr. Amidu could have been very tactful with his diction if he truly wanted to call Mr. Ablakwa to order.

In our African settings you don’t hail insults in an attempt to correct a wayward child but rather you call him in the early hours of daybreak and speak sense into his head.

Mr. Amidu could have applied the same principle in counselling the wayward Ablakwa.

In my humble opinion Mr. Amidu got it all wrong this time and should humbly apologize to his son now that it has emerged that his son Ablakwa did not author the said article he accused him of writing to attack his personality.

Mr. Amidu should stop defending his action as a way of correcting his son.

His latest epistle under the headline ‘ABLAKWA’S MISCHIEVIOUS DENIAL OF INSULTING MARTIN AMIDU’ can no way justify his reaction.

Mr. Amidu should sit back reflect and come over again with an unqualified apology to Ablakwa.


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