‘Mahama Schools’ Stir Controversy In Parliament


The ghost of developments carried out by the John Dramani Mahama administration in the education sector appeared in Parliament on Tuesday to spook members of the Majority New Patriotic Party (NPP).

The use of the expression ‘Mahama Schools’ triggered sharp protest from the majority side who argued there are no school buildings in Ghana with such attributions.

The drama ensued when member for Binduri, Dr. Robert Kuganab-Lem, contributing to a statement on the future of renewable energy in Ghana, called for all government buildings, particularly schools to be fitted with solar panels.

He said, “We should have a law where all government buildings, particularly schools; all the new schools that have been built; the ‘Mahama Schools’ as they are called them.

“We should have to do this to ensure we put solar panels on these buildings so they generate their own power to reduce the need to extract power from the national grid.”

The use of the expression ‘Mahama Schools’ did not, however, excite some members of the majority who protested.

Member for Ayensuano, Samuel Ayey-Paye, who stood up on a point of correction demanded his colleague to define which schools in Ghana have been labeled or named Mahama Schools.

Speaker of the House, Professor Aaron Mike Ocquaye, stepped in and pointed out to Dr. Robert Kuganab-Lem that a statement or contribution should not generate debate or controversy and urged him to withdraw the expression.

“I withdraw Mahama Schools and say the e-blocks that were constructed during the Mahama regime,” the Binduri MP stated but Speaker Mike Ocquaye will not accept that and insisted, “Hon. Member that is also controversial.”

Eventually Dr. Robert was compelled to reconstruct his statement without any reference to the previous administration or the former president.

He said, “Mr. I speaker I withdraw that statement completely. Public buildings that can capture a lot of sunlight should be enhanced in this environment so we do not even contemplate connecting them to the national grid.”


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