Loud-Mouth NPP MP Admits One-Village-One-Dam Project Has Failed


Outspoken Member Of parliament for the Effutu Constituency, Alex Afenyo-Markin, known for his unbending defense of government policies has conceded that the much trumpeted one-village,one-dam project is ailing and requires proper adjustment.

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In the face of compelling media reports, that depicted the true state of the much touted election promise, the vocal MP, sobered by the realities on the ground, conceded, “we cannot pretend about the issue”.

However, Ghana’s largest opposition party, the National Democratic Congress(NDC), continues to assert the belief that the project was a mere election-winning strategy, with  criticisms accusing government of public deception and calling the dams mere “dugouts”.

With thriving concerns about the quality of work on the dam sites amid reports of payments made to contractors for the questionable work done, the Ghanaian public are torn between optimism and doubt with next year’s general election beckoning by the day.





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