Global Entrepreneurship Month: Let’s Assist the Improvement Of Entrepreneurs- Prez Nana Addo

Prez Nana Addo
President Akufo Addo

President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo has urged Ghanaians to help the development and advancement of entreprenuers, particularly women, which is the focal point of the current year’s festival in Ghana.

Ghana joins more than 170 nations to celebrate the Global Entrepreneurship Month in November 2018

In an statement to recognize the festival of the Global Entrepreneurship Month, President Akufo-Addo said enterprise was an imperative part of monetary development and improvement, and had been internationally considered and held onto as a standout amongst the most essential drivers of financial development, according to Graphic online.

“Together how about we join to propel work creation, release advancement and battle destitution through the intensity of entrepreneurship,” he expressed.

Encouraging entrepreneurship

He said that encouraging entrepreneurship and development to propel work creation and financial thriving was at the core of the work attempted by his organization.

The administration, as per the President, was in this way dedicated to making a favorable, business-accommodating condition which would result in a flourishing private division and the production of riches and employments for the abounding masses of Ghanaian youth.

Thus, he said that in the course of recent months, the administration had been attempting to enhance the business condition by lessening the general expense of working together and enhancing the macroeconomic space to diminish essentially the expense of acquiring.

Ghana, he further expressed, had gained ground in the simplicity of working together, and referred to the World Bank Gathering 2019 Working together Report as an a valid example.

He said that the nation enhanced its positioning to 114 out of 190 nations, up six spots from 120 in the 2018 Working together Report.

World Bank

According to the World Bank “It is urging to see that improvement is being made to enhance the business condition to advance speculations by both household and outside firms, so important to goad development, give employments and further diminish neediness”.

The administration, the President stated, was determinedly seeking after different estimates that would go far towards the digitisation and formalization of the economy to quicken development and enhance household income activation.

These he said incorporated the usage of the computerized location framework with territory codes; presentation of the National Recognizable proof Card – the Ghana Card; versatile between operability inside the managing an account and money related segment; the paperless port clearing tasks at the ports; and the e-enrollment of organizations at the Recorder General’s Specialization.

Financial conditions

He said that he was resolved to change the financial conditions in the nation to improve things with the goal that youngsters who established the future saw the nation as a position of chance rather than a place from which they flew at the risk of their lives.

The individuals who set up organizations must prevail for them to make riches and utilize more individuals. This is the most ideal approach to turn our dearest nation’s fortunes around, and I salute all our dedicated and innovative business people for their commitment to the monetary advancement of our nation, he expressed.


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